As the gold price climbs, so do the number of fakes

FakeUnsurprisingly, with the value of gold soaring unscrupulous types are trying to make a quick buck peddling counterfeit gold in the form of coins.

Technology is making them easier to produce and harder to detect.

The gold price has jumped by over 40% since the turn of the year, so the precious metal market is attracting new crowds trying to make a profit selling better fakes than have been seen before.

The look and feel of fake gold is getting incredibly close to the real thing and the internet also plays a part here, with online selling much easier now meaning that more and more fake coins are finding their way into collections and portfolios.

Most disconcertingly, there is very little data in place that tracks counterfeit gold in circulation. There is no central organisation responsible for it and investors are often reluctant to report fakes.

According to the Wall Street Journal, a number of leading dealers in the US say they have encountered rising numbers in recent years though.

Experts have attributed the majority of fake coin production to China, where fake goods across industries are a persistent problem because counterfeit laws are not strictly enforced.

So what can you do to put your mind at ease when buying gold coins?

Buy from a trusted source.

At Coin Portfolio Management we have over 70 years’ experience in the collectables market and, when buying from us, you’re fully covered by our 30-day Money Back Guarantee.

Let us be your “stock broker” and find you the best coins for your Portfolio. We will guarantee their authenticity.


P140 in BoxJust 200 of these coins were ever available

And now you can own one of the last 40.

This is the beautiful 2016 gold proof Guinea struck by The East India Company to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the Guinea being removed from circulation.

But this particular version is extra special because it was one of just 200 struck on the 200th anniversary of the Great Recoinage Act of 1816 (22 June), making it one of the most limited coins you will add to your Portfolio.

You’ll have to be quick though.

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43 million times face value – Look at this incredible auction result

Birch Penny

The ‘Birch Cent’ – sold for over 50 million times its face value

The hammer just came down on two of earliest coins issued by the US Mint, with one of them selling for over half a million dollars.

The 1 cent copper coins, both dating to 1792, went for a combined total of $869,500 at the auction held in California at the start of the month – 43 million times the combined face value of the coins.

One of them, known as the ‘Birch Cent,’ sold for $517,000. The other, known as the ‘Silver Center Cent,’ went for $352,500.

The auctioneer could not explain why one coin proved more valuable than the other, saying that the market just responded differently to the two.

The ‘Silver Center Cent’ is among the very first coins ever struck by the US Mint in Philadelphia.

Huge Historical Significance

America’s Founding Fathers wanted to differentiate themselves from British coinage and British rule and such coins are an example of the transition in American history from the colonies to a new republic.

Both coins have the words ‘Liberty Parent of Science & Industry’ on them, which shows how the United States was trying to distance itself from the religious persecution and monarchy it associated with Britain.

Classic coins with a rich and fascinating history will always be popular among collectors and investors, so make sure your Portfolio contains a selection.


CL-French-20-Franc-Lucky-Angel-coinOur most popular classic coin of the year

The coin you see here is a 100 year old “lucky” gold coin and it’s the classic gold coin that Coin Portfolio Management clients have added to their Portfolio more than any other this year.

The French Gold Angel is a coin that may have saved its designer from the guillotine, kept countless seamen and fighter pilots safe and it may have even cost Napoleon victory at the Battle of Waterloo.

I’m working hard to get more in, but for now there are just 2 available.

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Whatever you do with your coins, don’t do this

SF MorganEarlier this year, a very rare Morgan Dollar sold for $16,450 at auction. You’d think the seller would have been delighted, but it achieved barely half the price of the same coin at an auction in 2014.

What went wrong?

The coin, an 1892 Morgan Dollar from San Francisco – the rarest Morgan Dollar, had been “doctored” to improve its look.

Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) could not grade the coin, saying “This ‘No Grade’ covers anything added to the surface of the coin to either ‘improve’ its appearance or to cover marks. Surface alteration methods include adding dental wax, putty, lacquer, nose grease, etc.”

This particular example had merely been cleaned, but that resulted in a sale price of $16,450 compared to an untouched example which sold for $30,550 two years ago.

Of course, it is not always easy to detect alterations to a coin – even for the experts, which is why you should always buy from a trusted source. Here at Coin Portfolio Management, we pick the coins for you, so you don’t need to worry and, by ordering your coins from Coin Portfolio Management, you’re fully covered by our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.


CL-Silver-Morgan-Dollar-Hot-Lips-coinThe Morgan Dollar with the unusual name

Please let me introduce you to the “Hot Lips” Morgan Dollar – one of the most famous coin errors in the world. It’s a coin that was never meant to exist.

The usual Morgan Dollar obverse was double-struck in error, resulting in a doubling up of Lady Liberty’s lips, chin and nose, creating the name “Hot Lips”.

Trying to find one is like looking for a needle in a haystack and that’s why you should add one of the 17 I have available to your Portfolio today.

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Half a million pounds for a stamp?

Well, not quite, but the UK’s second most valuable stamp did sell this year for a cool £495,000

The obvious question is, simply, why?

Plate 77 Penny Red

The Plate 77 Penny Red Courtesy: Stanley Gibbons

The Plate 77 Penny Red

Perhaps surprisingly, it wasn’t a Penny Black (the world’s first postage stamp), but the stamp that replaced it, the Penny Red.

Dated 1863, the Plate 77 version of the Penny Red stamp should not exist. Officially, it doesn’t.

The Royal Mail would use multiple different printing plates when producing their stamps to ensure the highest quality. Plate 77 was tested, but the results were not deemed good enough, so the plate was destroyed.

But somehow a few Penny Reds from the plate made it into circulation, thus creating Britain’s rarest stamp.

Just five used examples are known to exist, with one tucked away securely in the British Museum. That’s why, when one becomes available on the open market, people are willing to pay the price of a house (or two) for it.

Prior to this year, the last Plate 77 Penny Red that came up for sale achieved a price of £550,000 in 2012, making it the UK’s most expensive stamp.

This year’s example was priced at £55,000 less because it was in inferior condition to the 2012 example, but the extreme rarity and the story that surrounds the stamp means that it still commanded a price tag of almost half a million pounds.

Incredibly, at £550,000 the UK’s most valuable stamp is small fry compared to the world record paid for a stamp. That honour belongs to the British Guiana 1c Magenta, which was sold in 2014 in New York for $9.48m.

That stamp, from 1856, is thought to be the only one in the world, but that’s a story for another day.


Own the British stamp that is 10 times rarer than the Penny Black

Twopenny Blue StampThe Penny Red replaced the Penny Black, with an amazing 2.6 billion being printed in the 38 years it was in use.

68 million Penny Blacks were printed for its one year of use.

You can understand then why collectors (and investors) love the Twopenny Blue – the world’s second postage stamp, being issued just 2 days after the Penny Black.

Just over 6 million were issued in 1840, making it 10 times rarer than the Penny Black.

Catalogue prices have risen by over 100% in the last 15 years, but you can still own one for just £225.

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How the Canadian Mint guarantees a sell-out every year

An update from the ANA World’s Fair of Money in California.

2016 $5 Fine Silver Coin - ANA California State Flower - The Poppy_reverseI’m here in Anaheim among nearly 1,000 coin dealers and thousands of collectors for America’s biggest coin show.

As always, there is a one coin that everybody is trying to get their hands on.

That’s because every year The Royal Canadian Mint produces a very special – and very collectable – version of their famous silver Maple Leaf coin to mark the ANA show.

They take their Silver Maple Leaf, of which they will sell 25 million each year, and add a small ‘privy mark’ to a small run of them, creating an instant collectable.

And they sell out every year.

This year, they have added a Californian Poppy to the coin’s reverse below the main Maple Leaf design, along with the words “ANA ANAHEIM”.

Just 6,000 of these special reverse-proof coins will ever be available.

You can own one today

We have secured 75 for Coin Portfolio Management clients and offer them today – on their official launch date – on a first-come, first-served basis.

We won’t have them available for long.

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When gold medals go green

Rio Medals

The “green” medals of Rio 2016

The 2016 Olympics are underway and the medals that the world’s best athletes will compete for are extra special this year.

30 percent of every medal is composed of recycled metal as sustainable sources was a big theme for the Rio Olympics.

The medal’s ribbons are composed from recycled plastic bottles, their cases are made from freijó wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and even the podiums are made from organic materials, which will be used as furniture when the Games are finished.

The Brazilian Mint, in collaboration with the International Olympic Committee, designed medals depicting Nike, the Greek god of sport, as well as laurel leaves, the symbol of victory in ancient Greece.

The gold, silver and bronze medals each weigh 500 grams, but any athlete thinking that winning the gold will also net them a cool £16,000 in gold bullion will have to make do with the incredible sporting accomplishment as the “gold” medal will actually only contain 6 grams of gold.

The medal is actually made of .925 fine silver and the remainder of the alloy being copper and plated with pure gold.

If you’re wondering what a gold medal would sell for, one from London 2012 just sold at auction for over £40,000 at auction.


885MHave you secured your historic “Brexit” 1oz Silver Commemorative yet?

The decision to leave the EU is the most historic political moment for decades – maybe even centuries.

Over 500 Coin Portfolio Management clients have already secured the Fine Silver Commemorative Issue to mark the moment we discovered that Britain had voted to leave the EU.

Have you secured yours yet?

The silver proof commemorative has an edition limit of just 2,016,  so please move quickly to secure this important piece of British history for your Portfolio.

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