Swift sell out of Diamond Jubilee coin suggests numismatic interest in the celebrations growing

The Perth Mint 2012 Diamond Jubilee 2oz Gold Proof coin

We have recently been informed that the Perth Mint 2012 Diamond Jubilee 2oz Gold Proof Coin has already completely sold out. With a mintage of only 60 world-wide, it is perhaps not that surprising that they have all been allocated, especially as excitement builds towards the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations in 2012.

Whilst the news that this coin has sold out is not that astonishing, given the very low mintage figure, it is perhaps the rapidity with which it has done so that will have caught many potential buyers off guard.

This only reinforces the message that coins minted in celebration of the upcoming Diamond Jubilee are expected to command the attention of numismatists not just in the United Kingdom, but the world over. Indeed, as the Diamond Jubilee celebrations near, demand is surely only going to heighten as we close in on 2012.

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