Why the Gold Sovereign will never be the same again

The 2015 UK Gold Sovereign

The 2015 UK Gold Sovereign

The Royal Mint chose the release of the 2015 Gold Sovereign to announce another piece of news that means the Gold Sovereign will never be the same again after 2015.

In a move that is presumably designed to mark Her Majesty the Queen becoming the nation’s longest reigning monarch in September 2015, the Royal Mint has announced that the 2015 Gold Sovereign is the last ever Gold Sovereign to bear the current portrait of the Queen.

The current Ian Rank-Broadley FRBS effigy will be replaced by a new, yet-to-be-announced portrait, that will be decided after a closed design competition and it is understood that this will first be seen on commemorative issues, including the Gold Sovereign in September 2015.

The current portrait of Her Majesty is, of course, the fourth design over her 62 year reign. In 1953 her new coinage was released with Mary Gillick’s uncrowned portrait, although there were no Gold Sovereigns issued until 1957.

The Gillick effigy was refreshed in 1968 with an adaptation of Arnold Machin’s famous stamp design, whilst 1985 saw the introduction of Raphael Maklouf head, which adorned our coinage through to 1997.

It was then that Ian Rank-Broadley’s current portrait was introduced, capturing a more mature Queen with an engraving designed to really fill the full circle of the coin.

Of course, the announcement that the 2015 Gold Sovereign is the very last year to feature the current Ian Rank-Broadley FRBS portrait has had a significant effect on collectors with many rushing to make sure that they secure this important last for their collections.

If you’re interested…

DateStamp™ 01/01/2015 UK Gold SovereignYou can secure the last ever Ian Rank-Broadley FRBS effigy gold sovereign today in a special DateStamp™ edition, which will be postmarked 1st January 2015 and limited to just 995 examples.

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Why now is the time to own the 2014 DateStamp Sovereign

The 2014 United Kingdom Sovereign has recently been launched and is now available to add to your portfolio in a number of forms.

Perhaps the most limited way to secure this piece is by adding the 2014 DateStamp™ Gold Sovereign to your portfolio.  Just 995 original United Kingdom Gold Sovereigns have been selected to be placed in a protective, tamper-proof capsule.  And they have just been postmarked by the Royal Mail with the 1st January 2014 date – forever capturing that moment in time.

Over a relatively short period of time DateStamp™ issues have built up an enviable sell-out record, with numerous pieces selling out over the last 12 months.


The 1st January 2013 DateStamp™ Gold Sovereign was a complete sell out, as were later issues released to mark St George’s Day and the Birth of Prince George.  Given this recent sell out pedigree, the expectation is that the 2014 issue will prove just as popular – therefore it is worth securing your 1st January 2014 DateStamp™ Sovereign before it is too late.  You can do so today by visiting www.coinportfoliomanagement.com/2014sovereign

The 2014 22 Carat Gold Sovereign coin that features within the DateStamp™ presentation has been struck by the Royal Mint and once more features the classic St George & the Dragon design by Benedetto Pistrucci that first appeared on the coin in 1817.

cpm sov


Over-demand causes Perth Mint to suspend production


The production of the 2013 1oz Silver Koala has temporarily been suspended

Further demand surges for Australian Silver Coins has prompted the Perth Mint to once again suspend production of a number of key product lines, so that they can fully concentrate on fulfilling advance orders for 2014 coins.

The suspensions have included the temporary halt on production of one of the flagship Australian silver bullion coins – the 1oz Silver Koala for 2013.

Currently the restrictions only apply to silver but there is the possibility it could be extended to gold in future, which has already occurred earlier in the year.

Falling Prices spark new Gold Rush

suspendedDiscover how the recent corrections in precious metal prices has sparked a new Gold Rush, which has even led to the US and Perth Mints suspending sales.

In April this year we began to see a correction in gold and silver prices as confidence in economies increased and indicators suggested that interest rates would start to rise across the globe.  Further corrections have followed and as I write, gold is the most affordable it has been for almost 3 years.

The result has been a surge in demand for Gold and Silver coins, which has seen both the US and Perth Mints take the unprecedented steps of suspending sales of a number of issues so they could cope with the spike in demand.

Demand results in unprecedented action

The US Mint suspended 1/10 ounce gold Eagle in April, to allow them to replenish supply, stating that demand for the these coins was “up over 118% compared to the same period last year”.  The Perth Mint has had to take even more drastic action with its silver range, suspending production of eight separate silver coins in order to allow them to focus on the supply of their one ounce and one kilo coins which have seen intense demand.

demandMost significantly Perth Mint has now announced the sell out of the Kookaburra One Ounce Silver Bullion Coin.  Struck in an edition of 500,000 – that is the equivalent of one in 40 Australians owning one.

With the Royal Canadian Mint and Royal Mint have also reported surges in demand for their bullion range, the clear message is that thousands of investors and collectors are viewing lower gold and silver prices as the perfect time to enhance their portfolios with new releases.

More than simply owning precious metal

Of course coins continue to offer real benefits as a way of owning precious metal.  Many gold pieces exempt from VAT and, in the case of Gold Sovereigns, CGT too.  But they also provide numismatic value and interest over and above their intrinsic value, ensuring that they often become valuable heirlooms handed down from generation to generation.


To view our current selection of Gold Coins, click here

Numismatic pieces should be owned primarily for collector interest. Coin Portfolio Management offers no guarantees in terms of future value.

Why today is a once in lifetime moment

… and what you should be doing to mark it.

Today is 2nd June 2013.

Exactly 60 years ago, thousands of people thronged the streets of London. Millions of others gathered around newly purchased television sets or congregated in the streets for parties.

The reason: Queen Elizabeth II’s Coronation.

Only Queen Victoria has ever seen a 60th Coronation Anniversary.  Significantly Queen Victoria still remains one the most collectable of any monarchs.

Only Queen Victoria has ever seen a 60th Coronation Anniversary. Significantly Queen Victoria still remains one of the most collectable of any monarchs.

Today Queen Elizabeth II marks a milestone that has only ever been achieved once before in history and one which you I can be pretty much certain we will never see again in our lifetimes. Today she celebrates the 60th Anniversary of her Coronation.

Moments in history like today are a big part of what makes items collectable. A coin issued for the of a passing minor event quickly loses its place in history. For example, I doubt anyone will be harking back to the 50th Anniversary of the WWF – a recent UK coin issue – in a hundred years time. However, I’m pretty certain that people will still reference Queen Elizabeth’s record breaking reign and its key anniversaries.

If you need more evidence simply look at Queen Victoria. So great is the interest in collectable items from her reign, it has even coined the phrase Victoriana.

So what should you be doing to mark this most significant of milestones?

Well it will come as no surprise when I suggest that owning 60th Anniversary of the Coronation Coin is the perfect way to create an heirloom worthy of future generations.

But what to own? Well of course, that depends largely on budget but what I have done is pick out 6 pieces that I have personally considered for my Portfolio.

1. The UK Coronation Jubilee Executive Proof Set, which includes the UK Silver Proof £5 Coin.

2. The Coronation Jubilee Year Gold Proof Sovereign – a guaranteed classic with established sell-out history.

3. The UK Coronation Jubilee Silver Proof Set – the most limited way to own the UK Silver Proof £5 Coin

4. Australia’s ¼ ounce Gold Proof Coronation Jubilee issue – limited to just 1,000 pieces

5. The Coronation Jubilee 5 ounce Silver Proof Coin – if it’s still available – just 36 pieces remaining (as of 30th May)

6. The Coronation Jubilee 3 Coin Gold Set – a classic British Isles gold set, limited to just 95

For more information on all these coins, visit www.coinportfoliomanagement.com/coronationtop6

25th Anniversary Platinum Koala Sell Out Announced by The Perth Mint

2013-Aus-Koala-Platinum-with-mintmarkThe Perth Mint has now confirmed that the 2013 Australia Platinum Kola Coin has officially sold out.

Issued at the beginning of March to mark the 25th anniversary of the first Australia Platinum Koala coin in 1988, the half ounce proof quality commemorative coin was released with a mintage of just 1,200 worldwide.

Within days of the launch the demand experienced by the mint was a clear sign that this was going to be an extremely popular issue.  And so it has proved – with the coin selling out less than 10 weeks after it was launched and becoming yet another precious metal numismatic sell-out for 2013.

The good news however is that Coin Portfolio Management was able to secure a small amount of these coins and still have a handful remaining.  To find out more about the sell-out coin click here.

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