The Expert Guides Series: Why Piedfort coins are a Portfolio essential

The scarcity of a coin is one of my top five criteria when selecting pieces to recommend for your Portfolio. As I explain in our free downloadable Expert Guide, edition limits play a vital part in creating a meaningful Portfolio. With significant edition limit reductions in comparison to their counterpart Proof issues, Piedfort coins are […]

This coin is angering a lot American collectors

The US Mint is receiving a lot of criticism from collectors right now and it is all stemming from the coin you see here. It’s the brand new 2016 Mercury Dime Centennial Gold Coin – one of three special centennial editions from the US Mint this year. Launched at midday on 21 April, collectors experienced […]

The Queen’s birthday £5 coin worth £4,500 sells out

The Royal Mint issued a rare and special coin for the Queen’s 90th birthday last month. Despite a price tag of £4,500, the coin sold out before Her Majesty even celebrated her big day. Why was the coin so special? It was a “Piedfort” – a coin struck to double the normal thickness. They are traditionally […]

The fastest sell-outs of 2015… and my tips for 2016

It may frustrate collectors, but sell-outs are a fact of life in the coin world. When something has a set edition limit its supply is, by definition, limited, so if demand exceeds that supply you will see a coin sell out. Sometimes it happens very quickly. Here are five of the fastest sell-outs of 2015: […]

The US coins that caused collector uproar

There is one thing that frustrates collectors more than anything else… Here’s what happens – A mint announces that a coin will launch at a forthcoming show, but only small numbers will be available, so they advise collectors to get there early to make sure they get their coin. Fastforward to the show in question and […]

US Mint announces Quarter Ounce Eagle Sell-out

Last week the US Mint announced that the 2015 Quarter Ounce Gold Bullion American Eagle had sold out, with sales reaching 152,000 – 34,000 more than 2014’s total. The US Mint informed bullion dealers on the 13th that all stock of Quarter Ounce Gold Bullion Eagles had sold out and no more of these were […]

The coin that everyone wanted to see in Chicago

I’ve just arrived back from Chicago where I saw something special. For the past week, the American Numismatic Association World Money Fair has been taking place in Chicago. All the Mints of the world are there promoting their latest releases, but one coin stole the show. It was the coin that everyone was talking about and […]

Pure Gold $200 Maple Leaf Reflection Coin Sells Out

To the casual observer, the coin you see here is “just” another gold coin, albeit one with a striking design. But what sets this apart from other gold coins? Why did this one sell out its entire edition limit in just over a month? 1. Numismatic First The coin’s beautiful design has proved incredibly popular […]