The Royal Mint’s surprise for the 2017 Sovereign

Collectors around the world are already rushing to own what many consider to be the most important Gold Sovereign for 200 years.

The reason is simple.  The Royal Mint has taken the unprecedented decision to add a one-year-only Mint Mark to the UK’s Classic Sovereign.  Why?   To celebrate the fact that 2017 marks the 200th Anniversary of the first-ever “modern” Gold Sovereign.2017-united-kingdom-gold-sovereign-5-reasons-2

Surprised Collectors

The special one-year-only “200” Mint Mark, engraved below the traditional St. George and the Dragon design, has taken coin collectors by surprise and will add significant numismatic demand to existing investor interest.

With all 10,500 of the 2017 UK Proof Sovereign selling out at the Mint within 30 days, collectors are now rushing to snap up the special bullion version.

The DateStamp™ Bicentenary Sovereign issue

2017-uk-gold-sovereign-everslab-imageJust 995 of the “200” Mint Mark Sovereigns have been exclusively reserved for the 1 January 2017 Bicentenary DateStamp™ Sovereign issue.

Previous DateStamp™ Sovereigns have a strong sell-out record – but this year’s unique one-year-only Mint Mark ensures the 2017 issue will be even more collectable than normal. 

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Design changes – The guarantee for Sovereign collectability


The 2017 Proof Sovereign – Already sold out at The Mint

The brand new 2017 UK Proof Sovereign features a one-year-only design to mark the bicentenary of the modern Sovereign and it sold out within a month of release.

The Royal Mint returned to the original Gold Sovereign design first released right back in 1817. It features Benedetto Pistrucci’s original garter design, surrounding the St. George and the Dragon engraving that is still considered synonymous with the Gold Sovereign today.

But the significance of this is much more than simply a beautiful design. Gold Sovereign design changes (of which there have only been 4 others during the whole of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign) have become some of the most collectable modern issues.

That has been borne out again by the fact that the brand new 2017 Proof Bicentenary Sovereign has already sold out it’s entire edition limit of 10,500 individual coins.

And if you take price as an indicator of scarcity, it’s clear which Sovereigns top the list in terms of collectability – a fact that is reflected in their Coin Portfolio Management selling prices today.


This graph shows the Coin Portfolio Management selling prices of the 4 most collectable modern Sovereigns and The Royal Mint issue price for 2017

We have already seen the price of the 2017 UK Proof Sovereign jump from its initial Royal Mint release price of £430 to its current price of £695.

Creating a Modern Classic

Every time The Royal Mint has issued a Sovereign with a one-year-only design they have they’ve created a modern classic.

This is the fifth design change on the UK Proof Sovereign in the last 30 years and it looks certain to become as sought-after as the other four that feature a one-year-only design that will never be seen again.

Demand for these coins is stronger than ever today because they are so difficult to find, which is why they command a high price on the secondary market. Collectors wishing to compile a complete Sovereign collection simply have to have them and there is a big pool of collectors and investors who only focus on these one-year specials.

That’s why the 2017 UK Proof Sovereign will be a future classic.

2017-sovereign-boxCoin Portfolio Management still has limited stocks of the 2017 UK Proof Sovereign

Due to careful buying we still have limited numbers of the sold out 2017 UK Proof Sovereign available for Coin Portfolio Management clients.

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Rarest British coin ever made found

queen-anne-vigoThe rarest British coin ever made has been found.

In a 4-year-old’s toy treasure chest…

The coin, a Queen Anne Vigo coin, was passed on to a 35-year-old labourer from Essex by his late grandfather. He gave the coin to his 4-year-old son to play with when he bought him a toy treasure chest.

Fortunately, he took the coin to an auctioneer before it was wrecked just to check if it was worth something.

The shocked expert told him it was worth £250,000.

The labourer had to return the following day to check the expert hadn’t been pulling his leg.

The expert of Bonnington Auctioneers of Epping, Essex, said: “When I told him it had been verified and what it could be worth, he couldn’t believe it.

“One of my colleagues saw him get back into his car and it was a real Del and Rodney moment. You could hear shouting and screaming from the car park and the car began to rock from where he was celebrating.”

The Queen Anne Vigo coin

The coin was one of only 20 ever minted.

It came from 7.5lbs of gold seized from Spanish treasure ships by the British in 1702 following the Battle of Vigo.

The last one to sell went for nearly £300,000 at an auction in 2012.

The newly found coin is one of just 15 examples known to exist today. It will go under the hammer on 16 November.

Perhaps the other 5 are just waiting to be found.


2017-sovereignOwn the most important UK Gold Sovereign in 200 years

2017 is the bicentenary of the “modern” gold sovereign. It is without question the most important numismatic anniversary for decades.

And now you can mark it with The Royal Mint’s brand new 2017 Gold Proof Sovereign – featuring a special one-year-only design change for the occasion.

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Released Today: The 2017 Bicentenary Sovereign

Revealed at the end of the abridged history of the Gold Sovereign with this infographic, find out why this new release is the most important Sovereign for years.


If you own just one Sovereign, this should be it…

Don’t miss your chance to own the one-year-only Bicentenary Proof Sovereign. It is going to be one of the most collectable UK gold coins of this century.

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