Rarest British coin ever made found

queen-anne-vigoThe rarest British coin ever made has been found.

In a 4-year-old’s toy treasure chest…

The coin, a Queen Anne Vigo coin, was passed on to a 35-year-old labourer from Essex by his late grandfather. He gave the coin to his 4-year-old son to play with when he bought him a toy treasure chest.

Fortunately, he took the coin to an auctioneer before it was wrecked just to check if it was worth something.

The shocked expert told him it was worth £250,000.

The labourer had to return the following day to check the expert hadn’t been pulling his leg.

The expert of Bonnington Auctioneers of Epping, Essex, said: “When I told him it had been verified and what it could be worth, he couldn’t believe it.

“One of my colleagues saw him get back into his car and it was a real Del and Rodney moment. You could hear shouting and screaming from the car park and the car began to rock from where he was celebrating.”

The Queen Anne Vigo coin

The coin was one of only 20 ever minted.

It came from 7.5lbs of gold seized from Spanish treasure ships by the British in 1702 following the Battle of Vigo.

The last one to sell went for nearly £300,000 at an auction in 2012.

The newly found coin is one of just 15 examples known to exist today. It will go under the hammer on 16 November.

Perhaps the other 5 are just waiting to be found.


2017-sovereignOwn the most important UK Gold Sovereign in 200 years

2017 is the bicentenary of the “modern” gold sovereign. It is without question the most important numismatic anniversary for decades.

And now you can mark it with The Royal Mint’s brand new 2017 Gold Proof Sovereign – featuring a special one-year-only design change for the occasion.

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Should you be about to go platinum?

A new report from the World Platinum Investment Council has shown that demand for the precious metal is currently outstripping supply.

It points to market demand being driven by a number of new platinum coins being made available to collectors and investors over the last couple of years, such as the American Eagle and the Philharmonic coin from The Austrian Mint.

The price is up 16% this year. South Africa remains the biggest supplier of refined platinum, with 2016 forecast levels at 4,190,000 ounces, 275,000 fewer ounces than in 2015.

reverse-proof_reverse-imageDo you have platinum coins in your Portfolio?

Now could be the time to add platinum to your Portfolio and you can do it today with a stunning proof coin that has long since sold out at the mint.

This 1 Ounce Platinum Proof Maple Leaf from last year had an edition limit of 250 and it’s no longer available from The Royal Canadian Mint.

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The world’s largest silver coin

ivory-coast-elephantThe world’s largest silver coin – weighing a full 1,750 ounces – has just been sold.

Limited to just 15 coins, each one is a piece of art measuring 650mm in diameter. That’s over 2 feet.

It weighs a staggering 109lb.

The Ivory Coast Silver Elephant coin, minted in Germany, is struck from pure silver.

The design is hand carved, rather than machine minted, making each coin unique in its own way.

It also carries an antique finish, which is done by hand.

The coin has a face value of 1,000,000 Francs CFA, which is shown on the reverse along with the Ivory Coast coat of arms.

It sold for north of £60,000.

Looking for a huge silver coin?

10oz-poppyOK, this isn’t quite the size of a man-hole cover, but this brand new silver coin is incredible.

Struck from pure silver, it measures 100mm across and weighs 10 ounces.

That’s 10 times the weight and almost 3 times the size of a regular “crown”.

Struck for Remembrance Day this year, each coin carries a donation of £125 to The Royal British Legion.

It is limited to just 125 pieces worldwide and we have only been able to secure 25 for Coin Portfolio Management clients.

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Donald Trump and the gold price

trumpWhat happens if Donald Trump wins?

That’s a question millions of people will be asking for myriad different reasons, but what will happen to the gold price if Trump becomes the 45th President of the United States of America?

Strategists say that US elections do not usually matter for the gold price, but the race between Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton promises to be different because of the vast gap in policy between to the two candidates.

The Financial Times reports that financial analysts are in agreement – if Trump wins, buy gold.

One currency and precious metals analyst says “If Trump were to become president, gold prices will likely perform well, because we expect that his policies will be inward looking and will weaken the fundamentals of the U.S. economy. In addition, his rhetoric and possibly policy actions could create domestic and international uncertainty at best, and upheaval at worst.”

We only have to look back to June to see what domestic and international uncertainty can do to the gold price.

On the back of the Brexit announcement, gold shot up from £851 per ounce to £1,055 in just 2 weeks.

Are we on for another surge after the Presidential Election result is announced on 8 November?


gold-standing-liberty-quarterOne of the most anticipated coins of the year

The coin you see here sold almost half its edition limit on its first day of release and has probably already sold out by the time you read this.

It is a special gold version of one of America’s most controversial coins – the Standing Liberty Quarter, which is celebrating its 100th birthday.It’s the first time it has ever been issued in gold.

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The historic Royal Visit to Canada

433l-2016-20-fine-silver-coin-a-royal-tour_revThe first official royal tour undertaken by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge along with their two children may have ended last week, but a coin issued to commemorate the historic occasion shows no sign of slowing down.

Issued by The Royal Canadian Mint, it features a cutting-edge full colour application on the reverse recreating Chris Jelf’s iconic portrait of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

It’s Canada’s first coin of the entire family, issued to mark their first tour as a family of four and Princess Charlotte’s first official royal engagement.

10,000 Edition Limit

The Royal Canadian Mint has set a worldwide edition limit of just 10,000 which are expected to sell-out.

Demand has no doubt been helped by press coverage of the tour, which included news of Princess Charlotte being heard speaking in public for the first time – saying “pop” to balloons.

William and Kate are determined for their children to grow up away from the public eye, so this tour – and the press coverage around it – will be a rarity, just like the coin issued to commemorate it.

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New book reveals a fascinating new discovery

morgan-bookA new book by Q. David Bowers has dropped a bombshell in the US collector market by revealing details of a previously unknown Morgan Dollar from 1964.

In announcing the release of the new fifth edition of A Guide Book of Morgan Silver Dollars, Whitman Publishing revealed that researchers for the book had gained access to the Philadelphia Mint and discovered obverse and reverse models for a 1964 Morgan Dollar.

No silver dollar had been struck since 1935, but this is evidence that the US Mint considered striking 1964 Morgan Dollars and actually produced hubs and master dies for the coin.

No trial strikes of the coin have been discovered though and nobody knows whether any trial strikes of the 1964 Morgan Dollar were ever made.

If one were ever found, the value would be mind-blowing.

Rumors of a 1964 Peace Dollar abound to this day after 316,076 were struck at the Denver Mint, but destroyed without ever entering circulation.

PCGS, an American coin grading company, offer a $10,000 reward just to see one and verify its authenticity.


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Today, you have a very limited opportunity of adding a complete Peace Dollar Mintmark Collection to your Portfolio. It includes the rare 1921 Peace Dollar struck during the last few days of 1921 out of the Philadelphia Mint.

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